August 1  - 6:30 PM - Brau Taproom

SMASH Regular club meeting - 1st Tuesday of August 2017



Redwood County Fair - Friday July 14 @ 4:00:

 Check for $325 received - but not added to financials.


Lyon County Fair Aug 9-13:

 Jason Anderson will keep us updated on news as it develops - looking for a sponsor

 Will pull out the trailer to the fairgrounds on Wed night and serve samples Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We will plug in the trailer and plan to use the cooler the full time.  Will be located same spot as last year and Jason will have his camper there and keep an eye on it.  

 Kari Wichmann from the Lyon County Fair Board came to the meeting on April 4 - we asked

the fairboard for a $500 stipend to serve beer samples update on whether club will receive any stipend.  They are planning to smoke Beef, Pork and Turkey again - Thursday, Friday & Sat.  Tom & Steve M. may do brewing demonstrations on Saturday.

 Fairboard is hoping that Brau will sponsor the Ralco Education center which could then be

passed to SMASH as a stipend.  No word on this.

Current Beer list: Kolsch, Cream Ale, Pear Cider, Orange Shandy, Irish Stout, Amber, & 2 IPAs


Red Baron Arena & Expo:

 Darin Rahm came and spoke to the club - they would like for the club to put on a beer show in July of 2018.  Darin would give us the venue for free and cover our insurance.  Site is large

enough for 100 booths.  We could also use the rink for cold storage prior to event.

 Researching, feasibility, ideas and looking into getting some partners.

 Derek will check with the guy from Bank Brewing about how their fest works.

 Board members will check out the arena this Friday or soon


Club Trailer & Club Gear:

 Cooling working great so far - Should buy a heavy electric cord.

 CMBecker will be sent 4 new taps which are installed and working great! Derek created a photo thank you card which will be sent this week.

 Brian & Martin will continue to look into options to get the trailer insured.

 Will continue to check into buying some 5 gallon club barrels...may want to see if any members

want in on the order too.

 John L. will be using the trailer for an event….no objections.


Club 15 gallon Barrel:

 Russian Imperial Stout -  In the barrel - will open around Christmas

 Amber ale - kegged and ready to serve - about 7 gallons remain

 Irish stout - kegged and ready to serve - about 7 gallons remain

 Doc’s porter - Only 24 22oz bottles remain


T-shirts and hoodies:.  

 Sent David a SMASH check - should have shirts by our Aug 17 meeting...or possibly next week by Happy Hour.

 Dave will send info on ordering tank tops


Financials: The balance for the SMASH account is at $1,750.17 as of 8/1/2017.   Does not include Redwood Fair check or t-shirt payments.


Membership: We are currently at 50 memberships - Need to discuss increasing dues next year to purchase club insurance.

 Jennifer & Josh Johnson - new members

 Mike and Shelly Carter - new members


MHBA - Camp Out: Friday-Sunday August 4-6 @ Richmond MN - no major interest this year

Club Picnic: Sunday before Labor day weekend - Sunday August 27 - Meat?

Hopfest 2017: Weekend after Labor Day - Friday & Saturday September 8-9

Club Bowling Outing: Thursday September 21 - After work - Bring homebrew!

Club Campout: Friday-Sunday Sep 29-Oct 1


Christmas Party: Pairing dinner again!  Sent an email to Dustin to get a menu together, will start getting brewers lined up and draw for courses once that is finalized.  Tom will send another email to Dustin.


SMASH Brew with Dustin: Talked to Dustin - He’s interested...need to set a date.


ACE Sample Kits: Diane confirmed that ACE will donate 10 kits again this year for samples

 Scott Myhre brewed 2 IPA kits

 Arnie has brewed a cream ale kit for the fair

 Kevin will brew a kolsch kit for the fair

 Tom still has some Orange Shandy

 Tom still has some dry hopped pear cider (got 2 kits)


Education Info:

 Shawn - stout guy from cities, would be best on weekend.

 Brian: Belgian styles - Paul: Sour styles - Martin: Pilsner styles

 Tom will do a short informational session on Fresh Hopping on Aug 17

 Julie and Wendi will prep some bottles and do a hop tasting at the club picnic on Aug 27


Samples:      Arnie & John: Watermelon Wheat

Derek: Browie Cherry Stout

Kelly: Black Forest Porter

Kevin K: Belgian Dark Strong

Kevin H: Centennial IPA

Paul S: Brittish IPA