Dec 21  - 6:30 PM - Brau Taproom

SMASH Regular club meeting - 3rd Thursday of December  2017



Red Baron Arena & Expo:

 Darin Rahm came and spoke to the club - they would like for the club to put on a beer show in July of 2018.  Darin would give us the venue for free and cover our insurance.  Site is large

enough for 100 booths.  We could also use the rink for cold storage prior to event.

 Researching, feasibility, ideas and looking into getting some partners.

 Board members checked out the arena and are gathering ideas

 Decided that we should meet with Darin again and include any other interested club members.

 Main concerns are funding and the number of people it will take to run the event


Club Trailer & Club Gear:

 15 gallon whiskey barrel: Tom, Scott & Cory filled with RIS..will be open again around March.

 5 gallon whiskey barrel: Kevin H has Quad in it now, Meister next on list

 3 gallons of Barrel Aged Amber (kegged)

 3 gallons of Barrel Aged Irish Stout (kegged)

 10 gallons on Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout (kegged)

 22 bottles of Barrel Aged Porter (22 oz bottles)


Financials: The balance for the SMASH account is at $2,434.96 as of 11/16/2017.  


Membership: We are currently at 52 memberships - Increasing dues in 2018 to $33

 Need to discuss Membership Drive - Need to start collecting prize donations

 Need to set a date for Membership drawing meeting.  Tuesday March 6th?


Christmas Party: Pairing dinner again - Tuesday Dec 5

 5 courses and 19 homebrews - wow what a night!

 Big thanks to Carol, Rachel and Matt for pouring and serving samples.

 Congrats to Paul, Kevin H, Julie, Matt, John & Arnie!  (sheet is updated)

 Need to get trophies made.


2017 SMASH Photo Collage:

 Need to form a committee to put together a picture collage for this year.


SMASH Brewery Bus Tour: Thinking St. Cloud in March - Need to discuss dates.

 Need to discuss possibility of March Mashness banquet - Sat March 10.


SMASH Brew with Dustin: Talked to Dustin - He’s interested...need to set a date.


ACE Sample Kits: ACE donated 8 kits this year for samples - Thank you ACE!

 Tom needs to send a Thank You!


Club Bowling Outing: At Kevin’s bowling alley in Tyler - Postponed until spring


Tank tops:.  Dave sent info - just 2 ordered so far - Postponed until spring.


Education Info:

 Brian: Belgian styles - ?